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Mo’s Blog: February 2017

Twenty five years in business have taught me that preparedness and adaptability are the keys to continued success. It has also taught me to expect the unexpected. With this in mind the current tumult within the Place Management industry should not come as a surprise to anyone, Change is inevitable and we as practitioners can […]

Mo’s Blog: October 2016

The Mosaic team have been a busy bunch over the last month and since my last blog, visiting our client locations, new locations and inviting our colleagues from overseas to a UK study tour showcasing our varied partnerships and BIDs across the UK, in addition to attending industry exhibitions and events in the UK & […]

Mo’s Blog: September 2016

We are fast entering the last few months of the year. The Mosaic Partnership will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in December, and I recently spoke about this at a Talking Towns event, reflecting on successes and the learning over the last decade. Ten years in Place Management across the UK and Internationally has afforded […]


Mo’s Blog: August 2016

The BREXIT vote seems a little away now. Since then we have had a new Prime Minister in place and a new look cabinet, as well as leadership elections elsewhere. The UK is preparing itself for the future, trying to stabilise the economy and negotiating its place in Europe in a very different context. We […]

Mo’s Blog: July 2016

It’s been an incredibly busy time for the Mosaic team in June. Our key priority has been to support our BIDs going to ballot, and following on from our successes in Northern Ireland – we have seen Torbay Destination BID and Cardiff City Centre BID deliver a YES vote. With the declarations for Camberley, and […]