Marketing a town or city centre, a business district, or a downtown, can be a perplexing piece of work for many places. Where do you start? Who is your audience? What are your key messages? What are your goals?

Far too often, place marketing is left to a ‘best guess’ approach, when clear and concise strategy is the only way to success. The Mosaic Partnership can assist in making your place marketing meaningful and giving your messaging direction. Through research and an understanding of your location’s context, we’ll deliver effective positioning, branding, marketing and communication strategies that attract investment. Our primary place marketing services include:


  • Research and Evaluation

You have to know who you uniquely are, if you want to effectively tell your story. The Mosaic Partnership works with you to define your unique niche in the market by taking you through a process that identifies the key economic, social, historical and cultural elements that make your location or place different from the competition. We utilise targeted market research as well as consultation to create a compelling foundation upon which to build effective marketing messages and approaches.

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  • Positioning and Branding

Carving out your unique offer allows you to create a positioning from which to extend a representative brand, supporting imagery, and consistent visual representations of your place. The Mosaic Partnership helps you take ownership of your image by utilising key research on your place and turning it into an effective positioning approach to carry you forward. We’ll build on this by developing a compelling place brand, and provide guidelines to ensure consistency in all your branding efforts.

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  • Marketing Strategy and Communications

Your town or city centre, business district or downtown is home to an abundance of story lines. The Mosaic Partnership works with stakeholders to organise and tell that story by identifying what to say – and to which audiences – in a way that invites locals, visitors and investors to learn more. Strategic messaging and communications can be used to alter external perceptions or to create better awareness of the extensive amenities your district has to offer. It can also be a highly effective tool in attracting inward investment. Beyond messaging, we’ll identify the appropriate tools and channels to utilise to reach varied and important audiences, including exploring traditional marketing and media outlets as well as emerging technologies and social media.

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The Mosaic Partnership specialises in place marketing, something a lot of traditional marketing agencies can’t say. We have created unique processes to work with your stakeholders to engage and inform them in the process of creating a new place brand and marketing approach. This helps to ensure buy-in and long-term success. We can help you to assess and restructure existing brand and marketing strategies, or develop fresh approaches for your community. Contact us to learn more about our place marketing approaches and what might be the best fit for you.


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