We all have ideas of how we’d like our town and city centres to be – a vision of the environment they could offer, the shops and storefronts they could invite, and the activities they could welcome. Placemaking is about turning that vision into a reality. By looking at a place’s existing assets and identifying it’s potential, a strategic approach to placemaking can provide a roadmap to getting invested stakeholders from where they are, to where they want to be.

The Mosaic Partnership takes a very nuanced approach to placemaking. While we help to establish a forward-looking plan for the future, we don’t simply focus on the physical or the programmatic elements of a place. We dig deeper, taking a look at the underlying economics to create targeted strategies for business growth and property reinvestment. Our primary placemaking services include:


  • Business Planning

The place between the reality and the vision is where the business plan lies. We create incremental approaches to help stakeholders realise their collective ideas. Our business planning services take into account the existing assets, amenities and economic realities of a place. From there, we create scalable strategies to help leverage opportunity areas and address issues, and we set timelines for implementation and benchmarks to measure success.

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  •  Project and Programme Management

When the public and private sectors work together to invest resources into placemaking initiatives for a town or city centre, district or business park, creating efficient project and programme management structures, and setting performance benchmarks, are important to demonstrating value and a return on investment. The Mosaic Partnership can assist you in successful implementation of planning efforts via effective project and programme management approaches utilizing information and performance management tools we have developed from our experience as practitioners.

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  • Economic Development and Funding

Creating a vibrant town centre or business district means more than just clean streets and exciting marketing and events. To truly succeed, a place needs to be economically vibrant as well. Buildings should be filled; shops and streets should be busy with active commerce. The Mosaic Partnership can work with your location and stakeholders to develop programmes and initiatives that strengthen the economic base of your community. In particular, we specialise in helping to grow local economies through information, infrastructure and strategic connections. From business retention and development, to creative funding streams to nurture economic growth, to policies and programmes to support business districts, we can help your town or city centre become economically thriving.

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  • Property and Development Appraisal

The fabric of our town and city centres is complicated – a tapestry of unique buildings and spaces developed at varied times throughout our history. They are woven together by location; and the character, care and use of these properties and land affects the vibrancy and vitality of our places. And so, their ultimate fate is everyone’s. The Mosaic Partnership takes into consideration this important aspect of location development and management, and provides targeted solutions. We advise on all aspects of the land and property development process from concept through to creation. We identify opportunities, analyse their potential and compare options through appraisals. Our team also has extensive experience and market knowledge to negotiate purchases and sales. By unlocking problem sites, we can add value to a place, and help bring together occupiers, owners and interested investors to form creative solutions.

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Our placemaking approaches range from vision and planning, to strategic and in-depth work with your location to target challenging areas and develop creative economic and investment solutions. Contact us to learn more about how The Mosaic Partnership can work with your stakeholders to advance solutions to your town centre’s most challenging issues.

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