People Transforming Places. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

The Mosaic Partnership provides support, guidance, strategy and hands-on help to towns and cities, regions and even countries looking for better ways to manage their important places. A place can be a small commercial business district or a bustling neighbourhood. It can be a town or city centre, the heart of a village or the centre of a major metropolis.

We believe that the most successful places become that way because of the committed people involved. From creating their vision of places that can best serve them; to finding ways to manage a place’s transformation and development and ensure its vitality and economic growth, an organised and well-supported group of invested stakeholders can make a big impact.

The Mosaic Partnership provides support and assistance to help guide the transformation of place by offering services in three important areas:

Place management is a co-ordinated, area-based, multi-stakeholder approach to create and sustain safe and vibrant places by better coordinating the projects, policies and programmes in a distinct location. The approach is formalised in a partnership through which the public and private sectors are invested and actively engaged in tackling challenges and pursuing opportunities to create a place that is economically strong, physically welcoming, and increasingly vibrant and competitive.

The Mosaic Partnership provides diverse services to develop people, organisations and partnerships to place manage town and city centres, business parks, industrial estates and communities, and we develop sustainable plans, projects and funding sources to implement change.

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Place marketing takes the unique attributes, offerings, social assets, economic and physical structures of a place and creates a compelling message to promote it to visitors, consumers and investors. Place marketing can be used to alter external perceptions or to create better awareness of the extensive amenities a place has to offer. It can also be a highly effective tool in attracting inward investment, new development and funding. While the organic marketing of many places naturally brings investment and visitors, strategic marketing can help fill the gaps by creating targeted messaging to targeted markets.

The Mosaic Partnership focuses on working with your stakeholders to develop and promote the right message to the right people. Developing that message means we conduct research and evaluation to help you position, brand and market a destination, whether that be to attract investors, increase tourism or build pride.

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Placemaking capitalises on a place’s assets, inspiration and potential to create welcoming public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness and well-being. Through co-ordinated planning, design and economic approaches, placemaking aims to create activated and vibrant spaces that meet the needs of the community, invite creative and active uses, and welcome people to explore and linger.

The Mosaic Partnership works with your stakeholders to identify and implement strategies to create vibrant and economically healthy places – including looking at how a place feels and how a place functions – in order to stimulate investment and prosperity. From planning, to implementation and project management, our team works with communities on both physical and economic approaches that encourage business growth and activated property use.

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